Charters & Departure Times

  • The Standard Half-day Charter leaves at 10:00 AM and returns at 1:00 PM
  • Special Charters are from 5:00 PM to just after sundown.
  • Deluxe Charters depart at 9:00 AM, and are usually offshore and nine hours in length.

There is a minimum price on all charters

HSYC Charters:

2 Hour Sailing Charter
Feel the wind in your hair

Capt. Tom will take you out for a relaxing 2 hours of sailing.
If you only want to spend a couple of hours of sailing, relaxing and
soaking up some rays. this charter is for you. This charter is available
for any time of the day that is not already booked. A great way
to start or end your day!!

 Reggae/Key West Style/Caribbean music playing! 
Other music is available.
Relaxation is Guaranteed!

--- 2 Hour Sailing Charter ---
Price: $200 - 2 guests
Each additional guest $25
* guests max 6 guests per charter

--- 3 Hour Sailing Charter ---
Price: $250 - 2 guests
guests 3 & 4 $50 ea
guests 5 & 6 $25 ea
* guests max 6 guests per charter

( by Reservation* only )


Offshore Rig Gig
Sail out to the oil rig platforms in the Gulf!

Go trolling for King Mackerel and Mahi-Mahi on the way out. Capt. Tom provides bait and tackle. There is snorkeling, swimming and deep-sea fishing in the clear blue waters near the oil rigs. Enjoy barbecue provided by Capt. Tom on this charter. And of course music on board. Snorkeling lessons are available on request.

--This charter is available only in July and August --

(See our Fishing Policy)
This is an offshore trip.
---Full Day, Deluxe Charter---
This charter lasts from 8 to 10 hours
Price: $999.00 for this offshore charter

Note: This charter takes from 1 to 6 people 
but no more than 6 people.
( by Reservation* only )


Texas Coastal Zone ECO-CHARTER
If you want to take a leisurely sail and observe nature then this is for you!

This charter is for Birders, Dolphin Lovers, and Shelling Enthusiast. Capt. Tom takes this charter to Porpoise Point to see dolphins in their habitat. Then sail into the shallow waters of East Corpus Christi Bay by a shell reef island and stop off to beach comb. This is Capt. Tomís special mini-eco-tour, so that nature loverís can enjoy the Texas Coast's wildlife and birding. Get back to nature on this charter!
---3 Hour Charter---
Price: $250.00 , 6 person max
( by Reservation* only )


Caribbean Sunset Cruise *
Ever dream of sailing into the Sunset???

What could be more relaxing after a simmering South Texas day than a cruise on the Bay as the sun lowers on the horizon, while you are lulled by the calming sounds of water rippling  past the hull of the boat and Reggae music tinkling in the air. Beside the boat, a surfacing dolphin breaks the silence and in the distance watch Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, Sand Cranes, Egrets, Seagulls and/or other bird species feeding in the shallow water's edge.

Enjoy a beverage of your choice, sit back, relax and enjoy a leisurely sail!
Very relaxing and enjoyable!
Very romantic!!!
---Evenings Only---
Make this dream come true by booking your charter today!
Price: $250.00, 6 person max
Contact us for details
( by Reservation* only )


The Concita Beach Bash
It's time to Beach comb, Snorkel and...PARTY!

Capt. Tom will sail you and your friends to San Jose Island for a day of fun in the sun. At the island you can relax and soak up some rays. Party with your friends; have fun playing Frisbee, swimming, play on the beach and beach comb. Capt. Tom can also take you on over to the jetties for some snorkeling.

Food/non-alcoholic beverages provided. 
--- This is a 4 hour charter ---
Price: $600.00, 6 person max person

--This charter is available only in July and August--<
This is a 4 hour charter
( by Reservation* only )

HSYC Specialty Charters
Weddings, Honeymoon/Champagne Cruises, Private Parties, Business Events, Class Trips, Church Groups, Family Outings/Reunions, Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Private Charters, and a Burial-At-Sea service.

The S/V ISLA is available for Specialty Charters with Capt. Tom at the helm. Handsome Sailor has over 20 years experience in arranging custom Specialty Charters for our clients. Specialty Charters can be taken in the Bay or in the Gulf. These charters can be set for 3 hours, all day, a special sunset cruise, or even an overnight excursion. HSYC can even accommodate Beach Bash Volleyball for up to 50 people.

 Share your ideas for this charter and we will 
arrange a memorable time for everyone onboard your 
Specialty Charter! 

Price: Contact HSYC for charter prices and other information pertaining to your Specialty Charter.
( by Reservation* only )